Get to Know the Team of Bakers Behind Our Handmade Granola

At Little Red Wagon, we think granola making is a true craft. And, like any craftsmen, we’re passionate about what we create and want to share it with the world. The team of bakers behind our handmade granola are the heart and soul of our company. They truly embrace our values of healthy people, planet, and food. In this blog, we’re introducing you to the team behind every bake! 

Granola Made With Our Hands and Hearts

From our humble origins at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market to today, our artisanal, handmade granola is never manufactured and always delicious. We hold ourselves—and our ingredients—to the highest standards and opt for locally sourced whenever possible. Each bag that goes out the door is thoughtfully baked by a passionate human and made with the best intentions and best practices.  

Meet Our Handmade Granola Bakers and Magic Makers 

We’re a family-owned and operated business, and the people we work with become part of that family. Our handmade granola makers are true craftsmen and women in the kitchen and make us proud of every bag that goes out the door. 


Katrina has been baking for a total of 13 years and has been on the LRWG team for the past seven months. Her favorite part of the job is helping a local business grow and creating new recipes. When asked about her favorite way to eat our handmade granola, she said she prefers Original granola with almond milk and fresh blueberries. When not in the LRWG kitchen, she loves to garden and decorate cakes for friends. 


Essence’s love for baking began when she was about seven years old. She’s been an essential (pun intended) part of the LRWG team for two years and is motivated by creating delicious granola alongside a great team. Her favorite way to eat LRWG granola is straight from the bag, but she occasionally mixes it up with ice cream, yogurt, and other baked goods. You can find her reading, gardening, or traveling when not at work.  


Bassim is another one of our expert handmade granola bakers and an integral part of the team. He’s been baking as long as he’s been part of the team (two and a half years) and brings raw talent to the mix. His favorite things about the job are the baking time and smelling fresh granola all day. Bassim’s go-to LRWG flavors are the always-satisfying Mocha and Cosmopolitan


Lisa has been baking for six years and served as the LRWG Bakery and Packaging Lead for the last two years. Her favorite parts of the job are the hours and her co-workers; for her, it’s like working with family. Although she can’t enjoy the granola herself due to a nut allergy, Lisa takes great pride in ensuring product safety and quality for all our customers.  

Stock Up On Your Handmade Granola Favorites! 

We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated bakers whipping up artisanal, handmade granola for our customers. And the next time you open a bag of LRWG, we hope you think of the experts behind each cluster! If all this talk about granola has made you hungry or realize you have to stock up, shop here