Crunchy Monkey Granola Parfait

We hope the summer weather is treating you well. As schools start letting out for the summer, vacations begin, and the weather starts to warm up we could all use some simplicity in our day. Parfaits, like this Crunchy Monkey Granola Parfait, are a simple treat that can be a quick breakfast, an afternoon snack to cool off from the hot weather, or a light refreshing after-dinner dessert.

A parfait can’t be beaten for its simplicity, but also offers infinite variations to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. You can adjust the protein level, flavor profile, and sweetness level based on the yogurt you choose. Parfaits are also a great opportunity to use in-season fruit or whatever you have in the house. My favorite Little Red Wagon Granola is Crunchy Monkey, so I’ve used it here, but feel free to make the parfait your own using your favorite granola flavor.


  • ½ cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 small banana, sliced, strawberries and blueberries or other fruit of choice
  • ½ cup Chunky monkey granola or your favorite Little Red Wagon Granola
  • Options: fruit jams or peanut butter


  • Pull together fresh fruit, your favorite Little Red Wagon Granola and vanilla yogurt.
  • Dice fruit of choice into bite size pieces
  • In a mason jar or clear glass, spoon half of the yogurt into the bottom of the jar or glass. Top with half of the banana slices and chopped granola. Then, repeat by adding a layer of yogurt then fruit and granola.
  • Options: parfaits are versatile, feel free to jazz up the parfait by adding a fruit jam or peanut butter as a part of the layers of the parfait or drizzle on top of the parfait.
  • Serve parfait immediately to keep granola crunchy.  If you need to make the parfait ahead, only add granola to the top layer.