Is Yogurt and Granola Healthy For Breakfast?


At the start of the New Year, healthy foods are a hot topic. And yogurt and granola is a traditional breakfast go-to. But you might be wondering: is yogurt and granola healthy for breakfast? When considering your options, pay attention to serving sizes, preference low-sugar options, and choose varieties of yogurt that are low in fat and high in protein. 

Is Yogurt and Granola Healthy? Here’s Why Serving Size Matters

Everything in moderation, the old saying goes, and the same is true about yogurt and granola. Even with a ‘healthy’ food, we can get too much of a good thing when it comes to portions. Starting the day out with six to eight ounces of high-protein yogurt, like Greek yogurt, paired with your favorite granola is an easy go-to. A nut-milk or soy-based yogurt is also a great substitute if you are lactose intolerant. Next, we turn to toppings!

High Fiber, Nutritious Oats Keep Your Gut Happy

Things like oatmeal and granola provide that signature contrast of fiber and crunch when it comes to choosing the perfect pairing for yogurt. Fiber helps to slow everything down in the body during digestion, preventing a blood sugar spike after eating. The whole-grain fiber from oats makes for a happy gut. The oats in granola help to move things along in the digestive tract and reduce inflammation. Fiber is also great for heart health, helping lower cholesterol when it’s part of a healthy diet.

So the next time you reach for your bag of granola, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for what this crunchy, snack-time favorite is doing for your health!

Source Your Probiotics and Protein From Yogurt

To kickstart the day, yogurt is a probiotic-packed protein source that also includes calcium and B vitamins. In a cup of Greek yogurt, there are 13 grams of protein which helps you stay full during the busy rush of the morning. When choosing yogurts, it’s easy to fall into the sugar trap of flavored varieties at the grocery store. Our advice is to stick to unflavored Greek yogurt and add some honey for a little natural sweetness. 

Is Yogurt and Granola Healthy For Breakfast? Yes, If You’re Watching Sugar Intake. 

The same goes for the quality of your granola. The American Heart Association sugar recommendation for men is to consume no more than 36 grams of sugar per day, and women to consume 24 grams or less. Note that this is only for added sugars, so not counting sugars that naturally occur in dry or fresh fruit (which is actually fructose).

Keeping your breakfast under 10 added grams of sugar is a good guideline to ensure you don’t spike your blood sugar too early in the day. 

Some types of granola can be high in sugar content, so we recommend something made with high-quality ingredients like our original granola! Two-thirds cup of our original granola contains 7 grams of sugar, which is just under the recommended threshold for a balanced breakfast. 

Enjoy Your Morning Crunch With Little Red Wagon Granola

For your next breakfast, you don’t need to ask “is yogurt and granola healthy?” because now you know it meets your expectations for a high-protein, low-sugar jumpstart to the day. Your morning scoop of yogurt contains all the vitamins, proteins, and probiotics to keep a healthy lifestyle fueled. Check out our delicious, small-batch granola flavors to shake up your morning breakfast bowl.



Not Your Average Granola Bowl: Take Your Breakfast To New Heights With These Superfoods


As the weather turns and your farmer’s market favorites disappear until next season, your morning breakfast routine might feel a bit lackluster. Craving more depth of flavor from your morning granola bowl? Switch it up with these easy superfood additions. Acai and other healthy, antioxidant-rich ingredients keep your immune system supercharged in a fun way. 

For a Granola Bowl With Flair, Try Cacao

Cacao. What’s not to love about this raw, unrefined version of chocolate that’s sure to give your morning a mineral-rich start? Cacao is the perfect ingredient to liven things up for your granola bowl if you like a hearty way to start the day off right. 

 We recommend you start with a few spoonfuls of your favorite yogurt and a scoop of Crunchy Monkey Granola with accents of a delicious mix of dried bananas, chocolate chips, pecans, and almonds. Then sprinkle in a teaspoon or more of unrefined cacao powder, a drizzle of honey, and voila: The perfect, warming, nutty granola bowl. 

For The Perfect Hint of Fruity Sweetness: The Acai Bowl

Acai berry is hard to describe if you’ve never had it before, but it’s truly delicious. It has tart notes of blackberry and even dark chocolate and is more bitter than sweet. Acai berry scores low on the glycemic index, which provides a stable morning start to your blood sugar. 

Mix a premade frozen acai pack in a blender with a scoop of your favorite protein powder (vanilla or chocolate pairs well with acai). Blend in a scoop of your favorite frozen berries or a frozen banana for thickness, add in a scoop of nut butter for even more power, and blend. Sprinkle our Original Granola over your acai granola bowl for that essential crunch, and go to town!

For The Daring To Be Different, Spirulina Is The Way To Go

Spirulina is a nutrition-dense form of algae packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. You may know it for the vibrant aquamarine color it brings to any dish. Yes, like the kind in the ocean, but it’s safe to eat. Many vegetarians and vegans adore spirulina as a protein source. 

Start with a half to a full teaspoon of spirulina to add this inflammation fighter to your usual morning smoothie. Then, pour it out into a bowl. Add a few slices of fresh fruit and a sprinkle of seeds, top off with granola and be on your way. 

Stick With Granola As Your Mainstay For Every Breakfast Adventure

When you’re feeling tired of the same old combinations, a few new ingredients can put a spin on an old favorite.  A good granola is your trusty sidekick to wherever your palette may take you. Trust your gut and go with the foods you love, day after day, for fiber-packed, gut-friendly ingredients. Granola is easy, fuss-free, and pairs well with nearly any breakfast food. So go forth and conquer the day. We’ll be here, providing the same top-quality oats and an irresistible crunch, and that’s a good thing.


Easy Fall-Themed Snacks with Pumpkin Spice (and Everything Nice)


Fall is all about snacks chock-full of warm flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and the long-awaited favorite: pumpkin spice. With so many great foods to choose from, you can make some creative, fall-themed snacks! So whether you’re planning a spooky movie marathon or a harvest party for your friends, embrace the best that fall foods offer with these easy, delicious ideas.

Make a Harvest Snack Mix With Pumpkin Patch Granola

Nothing spells fall like Chex Mix. It’s a versatile savory or sweet treat your kids will love to eat by the handful. But instead of buying the premade grocery store seasoned mix, create your own with the bounty of the season’s flavors. Start with plain rice, corn, or cinnamon Chex, and add in white chocolate chips, mini pretzels, dried apples, and our favorite: Pumpkin Patch granola. Crunch your way through November with this fall-themed snack that’s sure to be a favorite!

For The Ultimate Fall Themed Snack: Apple Slices with Caramel Dip

This simple pleasure both adults and kids will love! A caramel apple without the chewy, sticky mess is a real crowd-pleaser. You can cut up several varieties. We suggest a tart or green variety to contrast the sweetness of the dipping caramel. Cut apples into wedges, serve fanned out on a plate with the dip in the middle, and watch it disappear before your eyes.  

Yogurt Parfait Cups With Big Apple Granola

Tangy, protein-packed Greek yogurt is an excellent way to fulfill your protein needs without even noticing it. And, of course, it can always be replaced with a nut or soy-based yogurt if you’re dairy free. These parfaits can be served by the tray full as an after-school snack or a great, quick, premade breakfast. 

Start with a layer of yogurt at the base of the parfait. Then, sprinkle in something crunchy like our Big Apple granola, roasted almonds, your seeds of choice ( we recommend roasted pumpkin seeds). Then layer on a seasonal fruit like persimmons, apples, or pears, finish off with a drizzle of honey, a dusting of cinnamon, and dip in your spoon. 

Sprinkle Some Granola On Your Favorite Pumpkin Loaf or Apple Muffins

Did we mention we love granola because it’s good on everything? Add some crunch to your family’s favorite pumpkin loaf recipe or apple muffins by using our Original granola as a topper. It’s a great way to add some crunch without all the extra sugar. Spread the love and share this snack with your family and friends. They’ll love it! 

Celebrate Fall Themed Snacks with Free Shipping 

Stock your fall pantry with Little Red Wagon Granola. If you live in the continental U.S., we offer free shipping on any of our granola bags, in 10 oz. or our new 4 lb. bags! Or, if you’re the type that loves a little of everything, order our variety pack and try every flavor of our small batch healthy granola. 


What’s It Take To Make The Best Healthy Granola?


From a farmer’s market favorite to a national brand, Little Red Wagon Granola has a mission everyone can love: feeding people the best healthy granola. We still believe that small-batch granola tastes the best (and is the best for you)! Making the best healthy granola requires top-quality ingredients. From the warmth of cinnamon to the subtle crunch of almonds and pecans, our original flavors will keep you coming back for more. 

Handmade with Love In Small Batches

There’s just no replacement for homemade. You know this when you bite into our crunchy, fresh-baked granola. The oats have a crisp edge to them that is unmistakable, and the ingredients are sprinkled perfectly in every bite. We pay attention to detail, and our customers know to expect the best every time they pick up a bag.

If you’re a granola every morning type of person (or just love to share) try our new 4 lb bags for even more of a good thing.

The Best Healthy Granola Is Never Sugary Sweet 

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we would never dream of layering our beautifully crafted oats with low-quality sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. And you won’t find any sugary clumps in our batches! We are thoughtful in our approach to healthy food. Our oats are flavored with real brown sugar for that deeper molasses flavor that adds contrast and depth of flavor. 

Nutrient-Dense and Packed With Fiber

The best healthy granola isn’t just tasty; it’s also good for you. Foods rich in fiber also keep you full and satisfied longer, not to mention the benefits for your gut health! Our fresh, preservative-free whole-grain oats have healthy fiber and nutrients in every bite. In addition, our oats are packed with beta-glucan, the fiber that stabilizes blood sugar and boosts immunity. Add monounsaturated fats from nuts like pecans and almonds to keep bad cholesterol levels at bay, and you’ve got a heart-healthy snack!

The Best Healthy Granola Is Little Red Wagon

When you’ve got a good thing going on, you share it! Our granola is passed around by the handful across picnic blankets and breakfast tables to friends and family. And we love sharing the best healthy granola varieties with you.

From seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Patch, and Big Apple to classic favorites like Crunchy Monkey or Original, try our variety pack in four, eight, or 12-pack options! 


Practical Uses For What To Do With Leftover Granola

If you’re a granola lover, then you already know the dilemma: what to do with those last few bites of sweet and crunchy granola that always seem to be left at the bottom of the bag? It’s not enough to be a bowlful or even a filling snack. But you’d never dream of tossing it out! Well, you’re in luck. This month we’re taking a creative look at what to do with leftover granola. 

Mini Fruit Crumble With Stewed Apples And Leftover Granola Recipe

This treat couldn’t be easier and it’s perfect for fall! Just dice one or two apples (or a cup of your favorite fruit), transfer to a bowl, and add one to two tablespoons of butter, half a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, and a bit of lemon zest. 

Mix ingredients until the apples are well coated, then place them on the stove in a small pot. Cover and heat on medium for fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. 

As the mixture cooks, grab your granola (we love our original granola for this recipe) and chop it up in a food processor, making it extra crumbly. Sprinkle on top of your stewed apples, and enjoy! 

Stone Fruit Smoothie Bowl Topped With Leftover Granola

Power up your morning with this nutrient-dense leftover granola recipe: blend two cups of frozen cherries with half a banana, one cup of coconut water or milk, and a half cup of frozen peaches. 

Once the mixture is smooth, pour it into a bowl. Sprinkle it with chia or flax seeds and some Crunchy Monkey Granola. 

Not only will your body appreciate the anti-inflammatory benefits of the cherries and healthy fats from the seeds, but your tastebuds will love the indulgence of Crunchy Monkey’s chocolate chips!

Buttery Baked Sweet Potato And Leftover Granola Recipe

Look no further if you want a filling snack that packs a punch in the health and comfort department! 

Take a baked sweet potato and mash the insides to a creamy consistency. Add a little coconut oil and a pinch of Maldon salt and turmeric. Mix these with the mash before drizzling a tablespoon of maple syrup over it. 

Then top it with those last few handfuls of our nutty and citrusy Cosmopolitan granola for some crunch and diversity. 

Shop Little Red Wagon Granola To Find More Flavors 

Hungry yet? Us too! Check our online store to see what other granola varieties are available and create your own leftover granola recipes. You can also find where Little Red Wagon Granola is sold near you to pick up a bag (or five).


Wondering What To Eat With Granola? These Are Our Favorite Pairings!


Granola is a magical mix of toasty oats and craveable ingredients all on its own. But sometimes, it’s fun to shake things up and get creative when you’re craving something sweet. Wondering what to eat with granola? We’ve put together a list of our favorite pairings. Keep it classic or get creative—there’s something sure to suit every taste. 

Classic Pairings

When you’ve got the right granola—think plump raisins, velvety chocolate, or spicy cinnamon—the best way to eat it is right out of the bag. But there are a few classics that go great with granola. 

Layer Granola With Yogurt And Fruit For A Hearty Parfait

Think parfaits are boring? Think again! There are endless ways to construct this heart and healthy bowl, whether you’re looking for a meal or a high-fiber, high-protein treat. Experiment with using different types of yogurt. Get playful with your fruit choices (bonus points if you use what’s in season!). And don’t forget to layer in plenty of tasty, crunchy granola.  

Keep It Simple For A Tasty Treat

Sometimes, the best things in life are also the simplest. If you’re looking for a treat, dish up some granola with fresh fruit and whipped cream. This combo checks the sweet, crunchy, and creamy boxes without leaving you feeling bogged down. Our favorite combo is seasonal berries, freshly whipped cream, and a generous sprinkle of Mocha granola

Creative Pairings

Looking to get more adventurous with what to eat with granola? We’ve got some ideas! From tasty dessert toppers to breakfast baked goods, there’s no limit to what you can do with a bit of creativity. 

Punch Up Your Summer Cobblers

Summer is for barbecues and potlucks! Want to impress your family and friends? Punch up any cobbler by topping it with our Cosmopolitan granola. The zesty hint of citrus plays nice with many cobbler fruits. At the same time, the blend of cranberries, almonds, and pecans makes for a tasty, crunchy crumble. 

Take Dessert To A Whole New Level

If you’re limiting your granola munching to breakfast, we’re sorry to say you’re missing out! With their toasty oats and natural sweetness, our granolas make an excellent binder for cookies, bars, and other baked goods. From tasty s’mores monkey bars to fluffy cosmopolitan cream puffs, granola takes dessert to a new level. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Eat With Granola? 

There’s nothing we love more than hearing about how our granolas brighten your day. As a family-owned and operated business, each batch is made with love by our team of bakers. So, the next time you’re wondering what to eat with granola, head over to our blog for a little inspiration. And let us know, what’s your favorite thing to eat with granola?  


Introducing Our Brand New Line of Little Red Wagon Granola Bars

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we believe in trying new things—whether it’s introducing the world to new and exciting flavors, like Cosmopolitan, or looking for fresh, sustainable ways to make the granolas you love. That’s how we all grow–as people and sustainable businesses. With that, we are so excited to announce the launch of our first line of granola bars. After nearly 20 years of creating delicious, handcrafted granolas, we’re bringing our commitment to healthy food to bite-sized, on-the-go deliciousness.

Starting in August, we’ll be sampling two flavors of granola bars: 

  • Fig & Orange & Apricot
  • Spiced Date

Why We’re Excited About Our New Granola Bars

There’s plenty to be excited about with our new granola bars. But we’re especially excited about the quality of ingredients, the new flavors, and how this will support our company’s core values. 

Quality of Ingredients

We will continue to source our healthy ingredients from local and sustainable sources. We are taking the nutritional benefits of our whole grain granola and putting them into bite-sized fun. To meet the demand of customers looking for nut free options, we included healthy seeds to boost protein along with a blend of dried fruits, and whole grains giving you all the same delicious benefits of our granola.

Playful & Unexpected Flavors

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we’ve never been afraid of thinking outside the box (or bag) when it comes to our flavors. Which is why we’re going whimsical with our new line of granola bars. Get the antioxidant benefits of chia seeds while munching on delicious whole grains and dried fruit. Figs and oranges are a classic combination with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. And lastly, date combined with a little spice will give you a lift just when you crave it most. 

Ongoing Commitment to Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Earth

As you know, we believe in creating food that is healthy for people and the planet. Venturing into a new product means that maintaining our commitment to our core values is more important than ever. With our new granola bars, we plan on staying fresh and relevant while keeping it local, hand-crafted, and sustainable. 

Order our new granola bars while supplies last

These granola bars will be a limited availability run available through the website while supplies last. Which flavor excites you? Which taste would you like to try? Contact us or tag us on social media. Be sure to check back next month when we launch the granola bars. 





Get to Know the Team of Bakers Behind Our Handmade Granola

At Little Red Wagon, we think granola making is a true craft. And, like any craftsmen, we’re passionate about what we create and want to share it with the world. The team of bakers behind our handmade granola are the heart and soul of our company. They truly embrace our values of healthy people, planet, and food. In this blog, we’re introducing you to the team behind every bake! 

Granola Made With Our Hands and Hearts

From our humble origins at the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market to today, our artisanal, handmade granola is never manufactured and always delicious. We hold ourselves—and our ingredients—to the highest standards and opt for locally sourced whenever possible. Each bag that goes out the door is thoughtfully baked by a passionate human and made with the best intentions and best practices.  

Meet Our Handmade Granola Bakers and Magic Makers 

We’re a family-owned and operated business, and the people we work with become part of that family. Our handmade granola makers are true craftsmen and women in the kitchen and make us proud of every bag that goes out the door. 


Katrina has been baking for a total of 13 years and has been on the LRWG team for the past seven months. Her favorite part of the job is helping a local business grow and creating new recipes. When asked about her favorite way to eat our handmade granola, she said she prefers Original granola with almond milk and fresh blueberries. When not in the LRWG kitchen, she loves to garden and decorate cakes for friends. 


Essence’s love for baking began when she was about seven years old. She’s been an essential (pun intended) part of the LRWG team for two years and is motivated by creating delicious granola alongside a great team. Her favorite way to eat LRWG granola is straight from the bag, but she occasionally mixes it up with ice cream, yogurt, and other baked goods. You can find her reading, gardening, or traveling when not at work.  


Bassim is another one of our expert handmade granola bakers and an integral part of the team. He’s been baking as long as he’s been part of the team (two and a half years) and brings raw talent to the mix. His favorite things about the job are the baking time and smelling fresh granola all day. Bassim’s go-to LRWG flavors are the always-satisfying Mocha and Cosmopolitan


Lisa has been baking for six years and served as the LRWG Bakery and Packaging Lead for the last two years. Her favorite parts of the job are the hours and her co-workers; for her, it’s like working with family. Although she can’t enjoy the granola herself due to a nut allergy, Lisa takes great pride in ensuring product safety and quality for all our customers.  

Stock Up On Your Handmade Granola Favorites! 

We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated bakers whipping up artisanal, handmade granola for our customers. And the next time you open a bag of LRWG, we hope you think of the experts behind each cluster! If all this talk about granola has made you hungry or realize you have to stock up, shop here


With All These Granola Flavors, The Possibilities are Endless

Variety is the spice of life. While it’s always great to have dependable favorites, there’s something wonderful about mixing it up—particularly when it comes to your breakfast options. Some days you really need those cozy, warm flavors. On other days, it’s the bright, citrusy zing that puts a spring in your step. At Little Red Wagon Granola, we give our customers year-round variety with four consistent granola flavors and occasional seasonal blends to enjoy. 

Our Year-Round Granola Flavors 

Granola is one of those breakfast foods that ticks all the boxes. It’s easy to prepare, great to take on the go, full of nutrients, and did we mention; it’s delicious! These classic granola flavors are available year-round, so you can grab a handful whenever hunger strikes.


The blend that started it all—our Original granola flavor has been a favorite ever since we started selling our granola at farmer’s markets back in 2004. It has everything you need in a cozy, flavorful blend. With warm notes of cinnamon and brown sugar and tons of pecans and almonds, this blend is filling and satisfying when mixed with your favorite milk or milk alternative. It also pairs perfectly alongside your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

Want to mix up your breakfast? Try out this Overnight Chia Seed and Granola Pudding.  


Looking for something with a bit of tang? Then you’ll love Cosmopolitan. This blend features cranberries and orange oil for a zesty citrus boost. Because of its bright flavor profile, Cosmopolitan is an ideal blend to add as a topping to your yogurt, pancakes, or even ice cream. 

Try your hand at some baking with this Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Recipe, featuring our Cosmopolitan blend. 

Crunchy Monkey

Crunchy Monkey (one of our favorites) is our twist on the classic chocolate-banana flavor. This blend is rich and satisfying with dried banana bits and chocolate chips. It’s also packed full of pecans and almonds to add healthy fats and a bit of protein. 

We love to use Crunchy Monkey in our baking recipes like this Banana Cream Pie (talk about banana overload—Yum!) 


Finally, our fourth year-round granola flavor was made especially for chocolate lovers. If you’re a fan of mocha lattes or chocolate cake, you’ll love this granola flavor. Mocha is a rich blend of dark chocolate, almonds, and just a hint of coffee. Try this flavor with vanilla ice cream, crumbled over the top of brownies or fudge, or on its own when you’re craving that chocolaty goodness. 

You can also bake it into delicious cookies with our Coconut Mocha Granola Macaroons recipe.  

Seasonal Granola Flavors to Enjoy Before They’re Gone 

Alongside our year-round granola flavors, we also offer unique seasonal flavors that take advantage of the best ingredients from each time of the year. These seasonal batches include Lemon Drop, Big Apple, and Pumpkin Patch flavors. These limited-time flavors are made in smaller batches, so once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year. So grab them while they’re here!

Snag Your Favorite Granola Flavors, or Try Them All Out

Suddenly have a craving for our delicious granola after reading about our different flavors? With nutritious whole grain oats and protein-packed nuts, there’s no reason to refuse your cravings. 

You can pick up a bag online today or build a variety pack to try out some of our year-round favorites and the occasional seasonal flavor. 


3 Reasons to Choose Little Red Wagon Granola as Your Wholesale Granola Supplier

With over 165 million Americans eating healthy snacks like granola and fruit each year, demand for wholesome recipes and flavor variety is stronger than ever. Since our start selling granola at farmers’ markets, we’ve always known that carefully-developed, wholesome recipes are the key to keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more. Want to feature delicious, healthy granola that’s good for your customers and the planet alike? Then choose Little Red Wagon Granola as your wholesale granola supplier. 

Handmade, Natural Granola

Care is at the heart of our business, which is why our granola has always been handmade. Instead of giant manufacturing plants full of over processed oats and artificial flavors and colorants, our recipes are batch-made by expert bakers in the kitchen. We only work with high-quality ingredients like whole-grain oats, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. This helps us create flavorful blends that feed the body and the soul. From sourcing to baking to packaging and shipping, our team is there to ensure your customers only get the best. 

Flavor Varieties and Seasonal Specials

As a lean operation, large-scale manufacturing schedules don’t constrain us. That means we get to work with different ingredients to create delicious flavor combinations for customers to relish. Our year-round batches offer dependable flavors that can be enjoyed anytime on their own or baked into one of our many creative recipes. We also work with Mother Nature, offering seasonal specials with the freshest ingredients, like crunchy fall apples and lemony spring goodness. 

Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Our three pillars showcase our desire to create mouthwatering granola that’s good for people and the planet. That’s why we only source from suppliers who share our commitment to high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Our in-house, batch-baked blends are sustainably packaged in Eco-Friendly materials. Our recipes also encourage a healthy balance of nutrient-dense ingredients with a little bit of sweetness to satisfy the soul. 

Share Our Flavorful Granola Goodness With Your Customers Today

As a family and women-owned company, we’re here to help satisfy your customers’ growing desire for high-quality, healthy snacking options. With delicious flavors and a focus on sustainable practices, you won’t regret choosing Little Red Wagon Granola as your wholesale granola supplier. 

Apply to be a wholesale partner today,  or check us out on Tundra for easy wholesale purchasing.