Introducing Our Brand New Line of Little Red Wagon Granola Bars

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we believe in trying new things—whether it’s introducing the world to new and exciting flavors, like Cosmopolitan, or looking for fresh, sustainable ways to make the granolas you love. That’s how we all grow–as people and sustainable businesses. With that, we are so excited to announce the launch of our first line of granola bars. After nearly 20 years of creating delicious, handcrafted granolas, we’re bringing our commitment to healthy food to bite-sized, on-the-go deliciousness.

Starting in August, we’ll be sampling two flavors of granola bars: 

  • Fig & Orange & Apricot
  • Spiced Date

Why We’re Excited About Our New Granola Bars

There’s plenty to be excited about with our new granola bars. But we’re especially excited about the quality of ingredients, the new flavors, and how this will support our company’s core values. 

Quality of Ingredients

We will continue to source our healthy ingredients from local and sustainable sources. We are taking the nutritional benefits of our whole grain granola and putting them into bite-sized fun. To meet the demand of customers looking for nut free options, we included healthy seeds to boost protein along with a blend of dried fruits, and whole grains giving you all the same delicious benefits of our granola.

Playful & Unexpected Flavors

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we’ve never been afraid of thinking outside the box (or bag) when it comes to our flavors. Which is why we’re going whimsical with our new line of granola bars. Get the antioxidant benefits of chia seeds while munching on delicious whole grains and dried fruit. Figs and oranges are a classic combination with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. And lastly, date combined with a little spice will give you a lift just when you crave it most. 

Ongoing Commitment to Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Earth

As you know, we believe in creating food that is healthy for people and the planet. Venturing into a new product means that maintaining our commitment to our core values is more important than ever. With our new granola bars, we plan on staying fresh and relevant while keeping it local, hand-crafted, and sustainable. 

Order our new granola bars while supplies last

These granola bars will be a limited availability run available through the website while supplies last. Which flavor excites you? Which taste would you like to try? Contact us or tag us on social media. Be sure to check back next month when we launch the granola bars.