Not Your Average Granola Bowl: Take Your Breakfast To New Heights With These Superfoods


As the weather turns and your farmer’s market favorites disappear until next season, your morning breakfast routine might feel a bit lackluster. Craving more depth of flavor from your morning granola bowl? Switch it up with these easy superfood additions. Acai and other healthy, antioxidant-rich ingredients keep your immune system supercharged in a fun way. 

For a Granola Bowl With Flair, Try Cacao

Cacao. What’s not to love about this raw, unrefined version of chocolate that’s sure to give your morning a mineral-rich start? Cacao is the perfect ingredient to liven things up for your granola bowl if you like a hearty way to start the day off right. 

 We recommend you start with a few spoonfuls of your favorite yogurt and a scoop of Crunchy Monkey Granola with accents of a delicious mix of dried bananas, chocolate chips, pecans, and almonds. Then sprinkle in a teaspoon or more of unrefined cacao powder, a drizzle of honey, and voila: The perfect, warming, nutty granola bowl. 

For The Perfect Hint of Fruity Sweetness: The Acai Bowl

Acai berry is hard to describe if you’ve never had it before, but it’s truly delicious. It has tart notes of blackberry and even dark chocolate and is more bitter than sweet. Acai berry scores low on the glycemic index, which provides a stable morning start to your blood sugar. 

Mix a premade frozen acai pack in a blender with a scoop of your favorite protein powder (vanilla or chocolate pairs well with acai). Blend in a scoop of your favorite frozen berries or a frozen banana for thickness, add in a scoop of nut butter for even more power, and blend. Sprinkle our Original Granola over your acai granola bowl for that essential crunch, and go to town!

For The Daring To Be Different, Spirulina Is The Way To Go

Spirulina is a nutrition-dense form of algae packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. You may know it for the vibrant aquamarine color it brings to any dish. Yes, like the kind in the ocean, but it’s safe to eat. Many vegetarians and vegans adore spirulina as a protein source. 

Start with a half to a full teaspoon of spirulina to add this inflammation fighter to your usual morning smoothie. Then, pour it out into a bowl. Add a few slices of fresh fruit and a sprinkle of seeds, top off with granola and be on your way. 

Stick With Granola As Your Mainstay For Every Breakfast Adventure

When you’re feeling tired of the same old combinations, a few new ingredients can put a spin on an old favorite.  A good granola is your trusty sidekick to wherever your palette may take you. Trust your gut and go with the foods you love, day after day, for fiber-packed, gut-friendly ingredients. Granola is easy, fuss-free, and pairs well with nearly any breakfast food. So go forth and conquer the day. We’ll be here, providing the same top-quality oats and an irresistible crunch, and that’s a good thing.