3 Fall Activities To Do While Munching On Our Crunchy Granola

The weather’s cooler, the days are shorter, and the streets are filled with the sound of crunching leaves and happy kids returning home from school. We’ve even spotted a pumpkin or two in the shops. That’s right; fall is officially here! Fall is arguably our favorite season at Little Red Wagon Granola. It’s a special time filled with family, friends, and lots of outdoor activities. Today, we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to take advantage of the season while enjoying some delicious, crunchy granola along the way. 

Hunt for Apples, Then Enjoy Your Spoils 

If there’s one activity that encompasses the joy of fall, it has to be apple picking.

Spending time with the family outside in the orchards is a great way to take advantage of the fall weather. Plus, it gives kids space to play and learn more about where their food comes from. And it’s a great way to get supplies for some much-needed fall recipes.

There are all kinds of ways to incorporate our delicious, crunchy granola into your fall apple recipes. We particularly love these granola caramel apples, especially with some of our seasonal granola options like Big Apple!  

So, why not load up the car with a picnic basket, lots of blankets, and the whole family, and head out to the orchard this weekend? 

Scavenge for Fall Foliage and Create Some Decor  

We love taking advantage of the leaves changing by bringing some warm fall colors into the home.

Just bundle up and head outside with the family for a scavenger hunt. Along the way, pick up leaves, pine cones, and any other foliage you find around the neighborhood—of course, remaining respectful of the natural surroundings. Then, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, head out to the closest hiking trail to search. Just don’t forget to pack some granola to munch on while you’re hiking

Once you and the kids are sufficiently tuckered out, head back home and use the goodies you found along the way to create some festive decorations. This DIY leaf wreath is a great way to invite some warmth into the home.

Enjoy a Spooky Movie Night In

Fall festivities would not be complete without a spooky movie night. It doesn’t matter if you’re tuning in for TV Halloween marathons like Freeforms 31 Nights of Halloween or hunting down all the scary movies on your favorite streaming site—all we know is that at-home movie snacks are a must! 

Our tasty granola blends are the perfect addition to provide an option with some healthy fats and a good dose of fiber. Mix it in with your popcorn, add chocolate candies like M&M’s, or even get extra festive by mixing in candy corn! The possibilities are endless.

Little Red Wagon Granola—The Perfect Treat For Fall Activities 

No matter what you decide to do, we hope you spend the season enjoying time with family and friends and indulging in life’s little treats. So, what activities are you most looking forward to this fall? And which flavor of our seasonal, crunchy granola will help fuel your adventures?