Why Our Clean Granola Ingredients Are Better for You and the Environment


Little Red Wagon Granola has been committed to natural, sustainably sourced ingredients since our inception in 2004. As a result, our granolas are high in fiber and protein with a sugar content that’s about half the amount of major granola brands. Let’s explore the clean granola ingredients we use as alternatives to the high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, and palm oil often found in popular granola bars and mixes.

Instead of Corn Syrup and Sorbitol, We Use…

We prefer to use real brown sugar and dried fruit to sweeten our granolas rather than high fructose corn syrup, which is difficult for your body to digest and can increase cholesterol. 

Eating large amounts of high fructose corn syrup or pure sugar will have negative health consequences. The American Heart Association recommends that women limit added sugars to 25 grams daily and men limit their intake to 36 grams daily.  That’s why we combine brown sugar and fruit to sweeten our granola, which never exceeds 11 grams of sugar per serving. That’s about half of the amount popular brands pack into a similar-sized serving. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love including sweet treats like chocolate and dried fruits in some of our granolas, but a little goes a long way. We’re careful to add just enough so that you taste it but not so much that it overpowers your palate. 

Instead of Palm Oil, We Use…

Many granola manufacturers use palm oil, while we use butter or vegetable oil. Palm oil actually has some health benefits that butter and vegetable oil don’t. Still, its negative impact on the environment and wildlife outweighs the health perks of its vitamin E and A content

To further our Healthy Earth mission, we opt to use butter or vegetable oil in our recipes. They deepen the flavors and don’t add to deforestation, and have a lower carbon footprint.

Get Your Clean Granola Fix With Little Red Wagon’s Online Shop

At Little Red Wagon, our granola is an extension of us and our values. If we don’t want our kids to eat it, it’s not going in our granola. Plus, we add nutrient-dense ingredients like almonds and pecans whenever possible. Check out our online shop to try one or all of our mouth-watering flavors packed with fiber and protein!