How to Dress Up Your Granola for Holiday Activities

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy the holiday season. Some prefer holiday activities involving getting together with family or friends, while others enjoy taking time away to unwind and reconnect. But one thing’s for sure—the best holiday activities usually involve great food. We wanted to share a few delicious granola treats you can spruce up and share or enjoy on your own this holiday season. 

A Bake-Ahead Breakfast for Holiday Hosting

For a hearty, fiber-rich breakfast option, try our easy baked oatmeal recipe. This breakfast is an excellent option for holiday hosts. You can batch-make a big tray to share with a large group. If you’re feeling particularly festive, add in a few holiday sprinkles or swap out the Crunchy Monkey granola for a different flavor like Original or Big Apple. You could also add in some dried cranberries or any other dried fruit or berry you enjoy. 

A Tasty Snack for the Outdoorsy Types  

Some of our favorite holiday memories are days spent playing outside making snowmen, skiing, or hunting for a Christmas tree. If you also find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors for holiday activities, these Magic Bars are a fabulous make-ahead option to bring along. To add a little festive cheer, you can swap out the butterscotch chips for some peppermint chips and add a drizzle of chocolate on top. 

Two Delicious Desserts to Enjoy One-on-One or in a Group

To round out the chilly winter evenings, you can try our Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies or our delicious Apple Dumplings. The cranberry cookies are a great option to bring to a holiday party. They also pair well with a glass of milk (or milk substitute), hot chocolate, or even your favorite decaf tea or coffee. You can even use them in place of sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and leave out for Santa. 

The apple dumplings, on the other hand, make the ideal cozy dessert. You can share them with your partner or enjoy them alone. They’re the perfect treat to devour while snuggling up next to a warm fire and watching a festive holiday movie. 

Delectable Granola Makes Holiday Activities a Delight

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we believe great food brings us together and keeps us connected. Whether your holidays are filled with tons of dinner parties or a simple at-home celebration, we hope this season brings you happiness, love, and a ton of delicious granola treats. 

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