3 Valentine’s Day Treats Using Our Healthy, Delicious Granola

It’s February, which means love is in the air. And while the holiday is stereotypically reserved for couples, we think Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate all different forms of love. So, why not shower your kids, family, friends, and even neighbors with some extra love this year? With these unique Valentine’s Day treats, you can create something special to share that tastes amazing but still offers some health benefits.

A Classic Berry Valentine’s Day Treat Topped with Chocolate and Granola  

First up is a classic: chocolate-covered strawberries. Strawberries have long been associated with love and are now a staple Valentine’s Day treat, along with candy hearts and chocolate roses. 

This recipe from Taste of Home shows you how to DIY this treat at home. They recommend covering the berries with chopped nuts, but we think a little bit of our Mocha granola would work even better! The warm dark chocolate and mocha flavors are a perfect balance against the tart strawberries. 

Easy Crunchy Clusters to Share with Friends and Neighbors

As we mentioned before, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about our partners. You can share the love with friends and neighbors by dropping a treat off at their house. But, Instead of choosing some store-bought dessert, try these make-at-home clusters from Wilton

Simply grab your favorite ingredients, like granola, nuts, raisins, crispy rice cereal, and whatever else you’d like, and marry the ingredients together with some melted chocolate. To make the recipe even easier, use one of our flavorful granola mixes as your base. Then all you need to do is melt and pour some chocolate and add sprinkles! Easy peasy. 

A Festive (and Secretly Healthy) Start to the Day 

Part of the joy of celebrating Valentine’s Day is seeing the excitement from your kids while they share their homemade cards and giggle about their crushes during breakfast before school. 

To make their morning just that much more special, make some super simple and surprisingly healthy red velvet overnight oats. Not only is this recipe super festive, but it will also fill the kids up and keep them full longer, so they’re less likely to overindulge in candy throughout the school day.

Share A Little Extra Love This Valentine’s Day with Little Red Wagon Granola

No matter how you choose to celebrate this February 14th, we hope you enjoy the time with loved ones. These Valentine’s Day treats are sure to help brighten your day while providing essential nutrients and hunger-busting fiber. So which recipe will you try next? 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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