The Difference Sustainably Sourced Oats Make in Our Whole Grain Granolas

At Little Red Wagon Granola, our mission has always been to source the best ingredients. So that you can taste the difference in every bite. And the basis of any great granola is high-quality oats. We use sustainably sourced oats as the key ingredient in each of our whole grain granolas. Which gives you all of the quality and none of the fluff. 

Where We Get Our Oats 

To make the freshest, most flavorful granola we needed quality oats that were delicious solo but could hold their own against our flavor profiles. Every perfect cluster of Little Red Wagon features Northerly Oats. These minimally-processed oats come from a sustainable agriculture farm in Canada that cares as much about their products as the people who consume them. 

Benefits of Using Sustainably Sourced Oats

Part of our mission is to use sustainably grown ingredients in line with our healthy food, healthy people, healthy food mindset. For our oats, sustainable growth means they use modern technology and traditional methods “to meet today’s food needs, without starving the future.” Other benefits of these oats include:


The lack of preservatives or additives in our oats makes them naturally sweet, nutty, and creamy. But they’re also subtle enough to let flavors like Chunky Monkey and Cosmopolitan be the stars in our whole-grain granola.


Check out the bottom of the bag on competitor granolas and you’ll see mostly powder––something that comes from using lower quality oats that break and crumble during the production process. At Little Red Wagon Granola, we call these lower quality oats “fluffy” oats. Our minimally processed, hearty, consistently sourced oats result in the clusters that we all love and enjoy. When baked to perfection, our granola becomes crisp, crunchy, and delicately nutty clusters of goodness and joy.  


Because of supplier consistency, every grain in every bag is the same high quality. Even more impressive, the folks over at Northerly can tell us exactly how, where, and when each individual grain was grown. So each batch of our granola is also consistently flavorful and delicious.

Taste the Difference in Our Whole Grain Granolas 

We’re all about balance at Little Red Wagon Granola. And whole-grain granola that’s balanced for the good of our customers and our planet starts with sustainably sourced oats. Taste the difference today by trying one, or preferably all, of our unique flavors.