“Is Granola Good For You?” And Other Top Questions Our Team Answers

When you think of granola, what comes to mind? Crunchy clusters? Salty nuts? Sweet add-ins? In between bites of these delicious clusters, you may wonder: “Is granola good for you?” The Little Red Wagon Granola team knows a thing or two about this balanced snack, so we’re answering this question and more! (Hint: it’s full of goodness). 


#1: Is granola good for you? 

We should outline our stance on this question first: we believe everything in life is about balance. So your answer to the question “is granola good for you?” probably depends on what type of granola you’re talking about. While we can’t speak for others, we can speak to our six delicious flavors and why we think granola is good for you: 


Good ingredients: A couple of months ago, we outlined the “healthy food” tier of our values. We use the highest quality ingredients in each bag of granola. Plus, they’re sustainably sourced and local when possible. And each cluster has a good-for-you mix of healthy fats, whole grains, and no artificial ingredients. 


Good snacking alternative: If your regular snacks include candy or chips, granola is a healthy snacking alternative. It’s versatile enough to be eaten with other healthy foods like plain Greek yogurt. But it’s delicious enough to eat on its own––plus, the healthy fats and protein keep you fuller, longer


Good for the soul: When you munch on a flavor like Cosmopolitan or Crunchy Monkey, it’s almost impossible to keep a smile off your face. 


#2: What’s in your granola? 

We admit this is related to “is granola good for you,” but we get this question a lot! While each ingredient list varies slightly by flavor, they all have a balanced mix of oats, brown sugar, nuts (like almonds or pecans), fruits (like raisins or bananas), whole wheat flour, butter, eggs, milk, cinnamon, salt, and baking soda. We can guarantee that our ingredients are easy to pronounce, sourced sustainably, and of the highest quality we can find. 


#3: Where can I find LRWG granola? 

If you’re on the East Coast or in the South, you can find our granola at your local Whole Foods or Fresh Market. (Check out our handy store finder here!). As we work to expand across the rest of the states, you can order granola right here in our online shop


#4: Favorite granola recipes? 

Our recipes will have you switching from “is it good for you” to “it’s SO good.” 


Oatmeal cranberry cookies with Cosmopolitan 

Easy baked oatmeal with Crunchy Monkey 

Red velvet overnight oats 

Green oatmeal raisin muffins 

Crunchy Monkey banana peanut butter mug cake

Blackberry-lemon granola cookie bars 


So, is granola good for you? We sure think so!  

Life’s too short not to eat what makes you happy. But we hope this helps you snack guilt-free! Little Red Wagon Granola is handcrafted with good-for-you ingredients and flavors in every bite! 


Tier 3 of Little Red Wagon Granola Values: Healthy Food (the Best Healthy Granola)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of granola must be in want of a healthy snack. Or did we misquote that? What we know for sure is that granola is the ultimate snack––crunchy, delicious, and full of good-for-you ingredients that keep you fueled. The third and final tier of our values is healthy food. Read on to see why we make the best healthy granola. 

More than the best granola: our three-part values

We’ve made it to the last part of our three-tiered values. If you’ve been following along, you know all about Tier 1 (Healthy People) and Tier 2 (Healthy Planet). The third and final value is a huge part of what we think makes the best healthy granola––Healthy Food. And, yes, we know that granola isn’t a superfood, but we do think this super food (see what we did there?) can be part of a balanced diet and a healthy go-to snacking choice. 

Supporting our healthy food value 

What do you think when someone says “healthy food?” Do you picture the food pyramid? Or maybe the broccoli you’d push around your plate as a kid? When we say healthy food, we’re not just talking about what’s on the nutrition label. We’re talking about ingredients, where the food is from, and balanced nutrition.  


High-quality ingredients 

Part of what we think makes ours the best healthy granola around is our use of the highest quality local ingredients we can find. When you turn around one of our bags to check the ingredient list, we guarantee that it will be short and pronounceable. By using high-quality ingredients every step of the way, we can control each bag’s overall quality. 


Sustainable food sourcing 

Simply put, sustainable eating is better for our planet (refer to Tier 2). Sustainable farms, like our oat supplier in Canada, “encourage biodiversity, conserve scarce water resources, and build healthy soil through techniques like composting and planting cover crops.” To us, sustainable food sourcing for every high-quality ingredient leads to a more delicious, healthier product. 


Balanced nutrition 

The definition of what makes food healthy has changed over the years. As a rule, a healthy diet is a balanced diet (we’re all about balance) that includes a good mix of protein, fat, fiber, calcium, and carbohydrates. Our granolas are high in fiber, have healthy fats from nuts, and don’t have any artificial flavors or colors. The balance of protein, carbs, and fat in each bag makes this a snack that keeps you fuller for longer without the crash you’d get from other snacks packed full of artificial sugars and ingredients. 

The best healthy granola should be good for your body and soul

Eating healthy is a personal journey and one that requires balance. Focusing on healthy food as one of our three tiers means we’re committed to providing a high-quality, sustainably sourced, and balanced product. Is it the best healthy granola you’ve ever tasted? Try it out for yourself! Happy snacking!