When It Makes Sense to Buy Bulk Granola

Some people shy away from buying bulk granola because they assume it doesn’t keep for long, and once it goes stale, there’s no way to revive that satisfying crunch. We’re here to tell you that neither is true. Not only is buying in bulk better for the environment and your wallet, but we’ve also got the hacks to extend its shelf life and preserve its texture! 

Bet on Bulk Granola 

Individuals often spring for large amounts of food or drink products if they are organizing an event, have a large family, donate to food banks, supply complimentary snacks for staff, or simply want to ensure that they have enough food in case of an emergency. 

Plus, buying bulk granola is a smart way to cut down on packaging and save a little money. Next time you’re at the grocery store, take note of the price per ounce of a product and compare it to the same product’s bulk-version price per ounce; it’s often slightly cheaper! 

At Little Red Wagon Granola, we sell four-pound bulk bags of our Cosmopolitan, Crunchy Monkey, Mocha, and Original flavors. For people who enjoy granola regularly, buying a four-pound bag rather than a 10-ounce bag is a savvy way to ensure they have their favorite snack on hand without contributing to waste or adding to the cost. 

How to Extend Granola’s Shelf Life

The prevailing wisdom is that granola has a shelf life of three to six months, if not longer. While granola is not a typical breeding ground for mold or bacteria, the oil and nut content might turn. A good indicator of this is a slightly bitter smell. Rancid oil will not make you sick, but the taste is unpleasant. 

To avoid spoiling or staleness, take half or more of your bulk supply, divide it into four quarters, place each parcel into an airtight container or tightly sealed bag, and store it in your freezer, where it can last for six months or more. 

You can keep the remainder of your fresh granola in its original bag. Just seal it properly after each use or place it in an airtight container. As long as it’s kept from light, heat, and air exposure, granola can stay fresh even longer than six months!

How to Revive Stale Granola

If the unthinkable happens and your granola turns (shudder) stale or mushy, fret not! There’s a quick, easy fix to resurrect its crispy texture. All you have to do is spread a layer of granola on a non-stick baking sheet. Then, heat it in the oven for five to six minutes at 400 degrees. Make sure you don’t put too much on the sheet; otherwise, it won’t toast evenly.

Take it out and rejoice in the crunchy revival! Allow it to cool completely before repackaging to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside and triggering the stale cycle again.

Stock Up On Little Red Wagon’sGranola Online

We may be biased, but we love our handmade granola’s low-maintenance, practical nature. With so much food waste in the world, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a delicious, filling option that’s easily stored long-term. Ready to embark on bulk? Visit our online store and stock up on your favorite flavors!