Little Red Wagon Granola: Hand Making the Best Granola Since 2004

We think it’s one of life’s simple pleasures to open a new bag of granola. The sweet blend of spices and nuts hits you first—making your mouth water and stomach grumble. The clusters bounce into the bowl and each crunchy, delicious bite is the best granola you’ve ever tasted. At Little Red Wagon Granola, we’ve been hand making these moments since 2004. 

We take making the best granola seriously 

At our company, we have serious fun. Making the best granola is a big deal to us and something that we take seriously from every oat to delivery route. But it’s also fun—something you can tell from our colorful bags to our creative flavors. And while there are a lot of granola clusters in the ring, we think these three reasons separate us from the rest: 

Made by hand, not machines

We like to think you can taste the difference in our handmade granola. Our baking team spreads each cluster from each bag by hand. By choosing to hand spread instead of relying on a machine, we can control the perfect cluster sizes for optimal granola-eating. 

On a mission for holistic health 

Life and granola are meant to be balanced. We’re on a mission for holistic health, which we think makes a difference between good and “the best” granola. If you read our past blogs, you know we’re all about healthy people, a healthy planet, and healthy food. We’re working toward these goals from our company culture and work-life balance to our sustainable packing and wholesome ingredients. 

Family values in every bite 

Finally, we think we have the best granola because you can taste our values. We started small at the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market in North Carolina (some of you may remember us!) with a family-oriented husband and wife team that wanted to create and share delicious granola. We’ve gone through growth and new ownership, but we’re still family-owned and operated. More than this, we treat our customers like family. That’s because each of you is responsible for making our granola what it is.

Crafting the best granola since 2004 

At the end of the day, making the best granola means making it with heart. From hand spreading the clusters to focusing on balance and family values, we pour our values into each and every bag